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    Joker Starr - Im All About Everything (Prod. Micall Parkinsun) (2015)
    I'm All ABout Everything X Joker Starr prod by Micall Parknsun



    Joker Starr - I'm All ABout Everything produced by Micall Parknsun. Remixes done by Soliheen & James Yarde.
    to be released on 25th May 2015 on Flukebeat Music.

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    Epidemic - Brainstorm (Prod. Jesse James) (2012)

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    Jesse James:
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    Brainstorm - Epidemic (Prod. Jesse James) - Hip Hop
    Cuts by DJ Tha Boss - Monochrome Skies


    Chorus (Hex One)
    Yo when the sun goes deep, deep behind the clouds
    I don't know how to seize this beast within my brain
    Just soak in instrumental terrain
    I bring the rain for this mental exchange son

    Cause yo this song goes deep, deep beyond your styles
    Cause I don't know how to seize this beast within my brain
    Just soak in instrumental terrain
    We bring the rain for this mental exchange, son

    Verse 1 (Hex One)
    Spitting viciously, rigorously articulate verbs
    With imagery so slick you think I'm figure skating with words
    Foes mimic, then instantly think of their hearse
    So vividly it burns them visually
    Deadly medley, baby maybe let me disperse this energy first
    Then readily Kennedy curse, these enemies thirsting remedy
    But instead of dead em, be worse, and let em rehearse this therapy
    Indefinitely, cause they'll never be worth it, burst this cursive
    Perfect, when ten of these verses blast, unearth this wrath
    But what shall it be, nurse or cast? From birth to casket
    I plan to revert this rap shit cause the whackness
    Got my mental reversed, this backwards game is lame
    Now my memory hurts, the pain's insane, it's strange
    But my sensory works the same as flame
    But fame? Shit my pen'll preserve the name, get slain
    My aim's fundamentally versed and trained change your frame
    Now let me pick it back up
    Get slit with picket axes when my clique is ripping tracks up
    You chickens act tough, but duck, it's the stricken that cluck
    If life's a bitch then stick a dick in that slut, you know what's up
    It's all real, and all my bars of course ill
    You better reinforce your force fields, my swords can claw steel
    What's coming out my jaws is raw skill
    There's no other way to solve this ordeal but war
    'til y'all squad withdraws from our hill or y'all killed (aw chill)
    We'll be tearing down your walls with saw drills
    The viking, I raid towns and villages like a malicious raincloud
    That could spit as quick as its lightning
    I don't think you want to scrimmage with titans
    My only wish is that you show repent when I depict my visions in writing
    I'm the eighth scribe, my brainstorm leaves your brains fried
    Now watch the ashes gather in the grey skies


    "I'm the quiet storm nigga who fight rhyme"
    "Style's unbearable"
    "I'm the quiet storm nigga who fight rhyme"
    "Mathematical rhymes"

    Verse 2 (Tek-nition)
    My malicious mission is madness, shift it up in a pernicious ration
    Deliver blackness that could twist and cripple a blacksmith
    In the middle of masses, I riddle with scissor syllable slashes
    That sizzles your seminal into sanctions
    Critical caption, that's engaged. A chemist chemical blast
    With the blade, get split in physical fractions
    React in a rage, to gauge these fictional factions
    With the kind of case that a callous criminal catches
    Classic master rap assassin, displays
    My stats, perhaps this cat's a savage, a cage
    Won't track my grasp that lacks the whackness
    That plays inside of your rap list, requiring tactics
    I'm back, as loud as it comes
    Provocative power that showers in tongues
    That scours continents by the sound of a drum
    Devour, astonish monuments that could swallow a sun
    In hours and swap your oxygen that's inside of your lungs
    It's ours, your body is mine, possess direction
    We agress the section, you slightly recline (you know)
    For those who neglect we can bet that I'm likely to shine
    We Mike and Lebron, embellish the intelligence that we highly designed
    We the champs, we give it the look exhibit the intermission
    We into getting, ain't no switching the pivotal foot
    Swift as Kennedy's assassin
    This is a killing spree if you think that Illin' Spree is classic


    "I'm the quiet storm nigga who fight rhyme"
    "Mathematical rhyme"
    "And I'm letting you know"
    "I'm the quiet storm nigga who fight rhyme"
    "Throwing lightning rods, swinging lightning swords"
    "A never ending saga when I rap to these beats"
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    MDGE ft. Con Sensus, Merciless, Flowtecs & Manage - Aureum Resistance (2015)

    download : https://moderndaygoldenera.bandcamp.c...

    Produced by MANAGE and performed by CON SENSUS, MERCILESS, FLOWTECS and MANAGE with cuts by DOWNSTROKE,

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    ZEPS - Funky Like Dogsh*t (Prod. Marshtini) (2015)
    #USA | #Norway
    Artist - Zeps
    Album - Avenue U
    Producer - Marshtini (Norway)
    Featuring Comedian Jim Florentine
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    NEFASTE - Poignée de Punchlines pour Give Me 5 Prod. (2015)
    Artiste:Nefaste ( )
    Instru:Itam prod. ( )
    Vidéo:Playsure Films ( )
    20 motsimposés,un bic,une feuille et un mic et le tout mit en image!!!!!!
    Gros taf de la part de Nefaste et son équipe,gros big up et donc GROS PARTAGES!
    Rdv mercredi pour un pti freestyle à l'ancienne avec Neshga et ses guest pour son projet "Train de Vie"!
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    Willis ft. Tommy Illfigga - Straight From The Mental (2015)
    Straight From The Mental - ft Tommy Illfigga (Tom Thum)

    prod Warlock, mastered by Espa.

    War Talk cdx2 OUT NOW buy in store or from the links below.
    Sanity -
    Bigpond Music-
    Online Store -
    JB -
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    Kincee - Free Flabb (2015)
    Free Flabb beat by Gialliopoint
    From 86 still Filthy
    shot and edit by king doobie
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    Herrotics - Soge (2015)
    ORDER CD:!fathead/...
    Taken from the LP 'Fathead'
    Released 25th May 2015
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    El Cebe "El Aprendiz" (2015)
    Beat = Malcriado
    Camara = Felipe Ruiz
    Voz - Letra - Master - Scratch - Edicion - Camara = El Cebe.